Peak Compression Stockings

Peak Compression Stockings

Peak Compression Stockings carries only the most current, ethically-sound, and medically-safe treatment tools for lymphedema as well as holding ourselves to the highest possible standard when selecting a product line to offer our customers.

With our products and technologies, we would like to make people's lives easier, better and more comfortable. We aim to do this by meeting the different needs of all our customers, every day and throughout the world.

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Peak Compression Stockings Mission Statement

Peak Compression Stockings customers benefit from the broad medical and technical service-base provided by our company's founder and advisory staff. When patients and medical professionals choose to purchase their lymphedema specialty items from us, they are establishing a relationship with an industry-leading resource for lymphedema-related treatment knowledge and expertise.

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Innovating Creations did a great job designing our website and helping us to create our branding collateral and getting us up and running!

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  • James Polka - CEO & Co-Founder
  • Josh Hines - Partner & Co-Founder

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