Entrepreneurship At An All-Time High

Written by Josh Hines on May 23, 2013 under Startup Trend Blogs
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Entrepreneurship has seen substantial growth over the past year, over 13% of Americans started or operated a business in 2012 which the highest this country has seen since 1999.

Entrepreneurship At An All-Time High

Small business and startups are becoming one of the most talked about ideas in the United States. Americans are taking risk head on and seeing opportunities all around them that they can turn into successful companies. Nearly 43 percent of Americans think that starting a new business in less risky that starting a career and corporate American. Although this is the highest statistic America has seen in a while, people are still hesitant about starting a new business mostly because they feel as though they can't be successful.

Finances is the main reason that most people don't start a business, financial security has a huge emphasis on the way Americans carry themselves and take on risk. From a financial standpoint, most startups only take $15,000 to start and get the idea of the ground. Capital is the number one reason why startups fail; a combination of limited funds and poor money management by the owners of the business.

A growing trend we are starting to see over the past few years is the amount of home-based companies that are being created by individuals. This idea of creating a business revolving around your talents and partnering with other like minded people to build an ecosystem has been a growing philosophy considering the advances of technology allowing people to communicate 24/7 and even live via Skype and other related websites.

Most businesses, 37 percent, don't see themselves staying as a home-based company though, most see themselves hiring employees after 3-5 years of business success. A lot of home-based businesses also outsource work they are not capable of doing which creates more jobs for these businesses as they start to develop more work.

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