Tips To Stop Yourself From Burning Out As An Entrepreneur

Written by Josh Hines on June 10, 2013 under Startup Time Management Blogs
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Most people look at me and wonder how I am able to work 10-12 hours a day and then still make time to enjoy myself, smile and encourage others. Here is a few secrets to stop startup burnout.

Tips To Stop Yourself From Burning Out As An Entrepreneur

Find Your Own Business Pace

Not everyone has the will power to be able to work more hours than there is a in a day and if you are working more hours than there are in a day, something bad is probably going to happen. Some days you will need to push and extend your working hours but most days you need to figure out how to "do more" in less tim. Doing this will help you stick to the things that are important and add value to your business and is not just "busy work" that takes up time but really doesn't anything to your core business.

Figure out your prime times where you are able to stay away from distractions and are able to get more things done in an hours time that you most other times you wouldn't be able to. This idea is why most web developers and creative people work late hours where they can space out the world and not be distracted and are able to get more things done and stay focuses.

Stop Reading News Feeds

Be the story you want others to read, time spent reading about other people's lives is wasted time that you can't get back. Instead of reading news feeds, take that time to develop a new skill set or network with a new group of people.

Always Be Smiling

Psychology has stated that those who smile are usually in a better mood. When you smile regardless of if you are really happy are not, you trick your body and it thinks that you are happy. Also you need to note that people are drawn to happiness which can help you land more clients, people don't interact with grumpy people!

Stop Second Guessing Yourself

When you spend time second guessing your abilities you are wasting time that could be used making yourself better. More and more people always tell themselves that they can't do something instead of just doing it. Spend time telling yourself you are going to do something and learn something new and you will improve yourself and develop faster than you can imagine.

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