Who Am I And Why Am I Here

Written by Josh Hines on May 20, 2013 under Startup Question Blogs
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This question is probably one of the most searched questions on Google, it’s the question that drives us crazy and makes us worry, stress and all the other negative reactions that we as humans know and do.

Who Am I And Why Am I Here

The question, “Who Am I” is searched on Google alone 101,000,000 million times a month worldwide. There are over 4 billion websites on Google that try to answer this question for you and offer advice in learning what makes you tick and what you are meant to do with your life. There are songs, poems and blogs that talk about the meaning of who you are.

The reason why this question drives us crazy though, is because as humans we overcomplicate this question and make it harder than it really is. As a generation of the modern world, every day we are overwhelmed with choices and can watch on TV all these reality TV the picture what success is and how one can obtain it. When you really look at your existence though, you were not put here to be a clone of someone else. God gave you a purpose for your existence, a special skill set and talents that no other person in the world can pose.

You are who ever you say you are, you know what makes you tick, what makes you happy and what makes you aggravated with life. Who you are is simple, do what makes you happy and helps people around you. You were meant to serve those around you and offer a helping hand to inspire, encourage and build up those around you to be better. Who am I can simply be answered by looking at your past and seeing what things you enjoyed doing and then simply doing those things more and finding a way to do them that adds value and happiness to others in your life.

This question drives us crazy but is probably one of the simplest questions to answer, just do what makes you happy. Quit looking to the world for answers and those around you, people will have a general idea of what makes you happy but really it is up to you to determine who you are and what you want to accomplish in your life that will make you look back on your life when you are older and say I lived a happy and successful life.

At this time, take a moment and sit down at your computer or desk and open up a blank document. Take the time to write down 20 things that truly make you happy and bring you alive. Once you have this list see what items overlap that you can create a business doing that you could offer to others around you to try to uplift their spirits and bring joy to their lives as well. There are over 7 billion people in the world, I can guarantee that what makes you happy will also make other people in your lives happy as well, you just need to think about how to position your idea or business and how to reach that target market.

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