When Is The Right Time To Post On Social Networks

Written by Josh Hines on July 22, 2013 under Startup Marketing Blogs
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So you have signed up for all the popular social networks but you still aren't seeing a traffic change to your website. Knowing when to share your content can make all the difference between 2 views and millions!

When Is The Right Time To Post On Social Networks

I've heard numerous people saying they don't see how social networks make a difference with their lead generation and that it is a waste of time. The first three questions I ask them in regards to their social media strategy are: 1)How often do they post, 2) What content are they posting and 3) When are they posting.

How Often Do You Post

I have heard many different stories about the strategies of how often business post content to their networks but I personally believe that you should be writing a 1,000 words a day to your social networks. Whether that be blog posts, marketing promotions or just little snippets sharing how your customers interact with your products/services, I think a great way to look at is posting 1,000 words a day.

What Content Are You Posting

Simply ask your audience what do they want to read about can offer you some of the best feedback. People are willing to state their expectations about companies and their brands and what they are hoping to learn about them. You need to build a community of followers and you also need to recognize and do your homework to learn about what types of users are on each network. The content you share on Facebook probably won't be the same that you share on Google+ or Twitter.

When Are You Posting Your Content

When it comes to finding that dream window of when you post a simple blog post to your social networks you get a spike in traffic is probably one of the most important things to find. There is no point in making a post at 1 PM if your target market is not online and out to lunch. Knowing when your market is online can make the difference between 2 website views and millions!

There are a number of ways to figure out the social posting dream window but here are three ways I personally monitor social traffic.

First off I use Bitly to mark up all my links in order to see how much traffic comes back to my website all in one central location and see how many click backs you get from your shares.

Secondly I use SumAll, a social analytics program where you can link your Google Analytics and Social Media networks via API and see all your analytics in one central location, analytics are based on hours, weeks, months and years so you can see via very clean charts where you get your spikes, from which social networks and when.

Lastly I use AddThis a social bookmarking software that allows your users to share your content, this tool also has analytics so you can also see when your users are online and what types of material they enjoy reading which refers back to the previous question.

These are only a few ways to see when to post, what to post and where to post but of course there a number of other ways to research to find the social media dream window.

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