How To Generate Great Word Of Mouth

Written by Josh Hines on June 16, 2013 under Startup Marketing Blogs
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Nothing speaks larger to a business owner than free advertising. Here are a few ways to generate free word of mouth advertising that can help you to get your name out to the public faster.

How To Generate Great Word Of Mouth

Your ability to get people to share your vision to others for free is probably the best way and most obviously the most affordable way to grow your business. For some people this idea comes second nature, their ability to sell themselves is just built into their personality. But the idea of generating leads from word of mouth is something that you can develop into your marketing plans.

Top 5 Ways To Generate Word Of Mouth

1. Find Your Market Influencers

It's called word of mouth for a reason and your ability to find those who influence the market you trying to get into and get them to talk about your business is the game. They could be your customers, consultants or speakers. Anyone who enjoys talking or writing business reviews can be someone who can share your business but make sure that they are in the market you are providing services or products to.

2. Understand Your Value Add Pitch

Your business pitch is the main hook that will either gain or discourage your potential customers to listen to you. Develop your business pitch around the "value add" that you are going to offer their business and what it can do for them. Your pitch needs to be the point, not a slogan or trademark, but a deeper thought that really shows what you are going to do for your customers and why they need to talk or schedule a meeting with you to learn more about what you have to offer.

3. Be The Best In The Market

If you want people to talk about you, simply be the best and it will be a no brainer. You can't offer "good" work and expect people to talk about you, you have to offer something more than what they were expecting. Your customer service, technical support or delivery time has to be better than your competitors in order to get your market influencers to notice you and share your value.

4. Connect And Share The Conversation

Your ability to share the conversation your market influencers are having with your brand is going to be the best value you can add to your business and brand. Developing an online presences where your influencers can share testimonials, reviews and other related publicity will help you to share your word of mouth advertising. Once you have this material, be sure to push it out to your social networks. Every customer can share a story about what they enjoyed about working with you and your business, just simply ask them as follow up feedback, most times people are willing to give it!

5. Show Some Love For Your Customer's Loyalty

Most businesses overlook this step and in the end lose their loyal market influencers. The best way to commend someone is when you hear that someone refers you, simply thank them or offer them something small as a gift for their help in sharing your vision. Your best advertising will always be those whom you have done work for and then they refer someone else to work with you, reward them!

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