Embedding The New YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Website

Written by Josh Hines on July 26, 2013 under Startup Marketing Blogs
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There is a new button that if you're in the video marketing space you probably should know, YouTube has now added a subscribe button to their user interface.

Embedding The New YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Website

This week YouTube released an embeddable subscribe button for your website. This neat little shortcut allows users to subscribe to your YouTube channel in just one click.

Follow these steps in order to ad this button to your website, you can also visit the YouTube Developers Page to begin creating your own button.

1. Choose your button style. Currently you can pick from three designs: default, full layout with avatar, and full layout dark.

2. Configure your button. Enter your Channel Name or ID and select your layout. To find your Channel ID, log in to your YouTube account and use this link.

3. Snag the code and insert it onto your website. When done correctly you will end up with a slick looking one-click subscribe button like this!

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