Email Marketing Basics Explained

Written by Josh Hines on August 04, 2013 under Startup Marketing Blogs
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One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to build an email list from the very beginning. Growing a list of people that are interested in what you share is something that will benefit your blogging business for years and years.

Email Marketing Basics Explained

When you have a client email list, it is like having a traffic funnel on demand to new blog posts & events you write or host, new product launches you develop or even an affiliate product you want to share or promote. Having a list also gives you a chance to grow your relationship with your customers even furhter.

One great benefit to having a list is you can use auto responders to automate messages to your subscribers developing a powerful marketing funnel. Once you set up your auto responder it will run and sell for you automatically letting you focus on just building your list numbers.

Simple Outline To Building Email Lists
Four Email Marketing Basics

  1. Email Deliverability
    Deliverability is getting the email into the inbox. Simple right? It can be. You should have no problem reaching a deliverability rate above 95%. Your email list service should be able to provide this statistic for you , plus the following stats.

  2. Email Open Rate
    The email open rate is the amount of people who open the email when it is sent to the,
    Email open rates can be deceiving and are not the best stat to look at to see if you email campaign is producing for you.

  3. Email Click Through RateThe amount of people whom take action from your email, usually to your website.
    Email Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a much better indicator of email campaign success because it is a more reliable tracking method.

  4. Email Subject Lines
    The subject line is the first thing someone sees when they receive your email. No matter how great the content in your email is, if your subject line doesn't motivate them to open and read then it's wasted.

Email Marketing Platforms

Email marketing platforms that I would recommend using to start creating your list and then sending emails would be: MailChimp, Vertical Response, iContact or Constant Contact.

All these programs are opt-in programs so they are all spam compliant and most of them also offer a very easy to use user interface for designing custom emails and managing your client email lists for email distribution.

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Josh Hines shared:
Marketo is a great email marketing platform as well and you can integrate it into popular CRM such as SalesForce.
6 Years Ago via Firefox

Josh Hines shared:
I prefer to use MailChimp when wanting to setup auto responders but use Vertical Response when just wanting to send out emails and announcements.
6 Years Ago via Google Chrome

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