Blogging For Beginners - Getting Started In Blogging

Written by Josh Hines on July 10, 2013 under Startup Marketing Blogs
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There are a number of ways to get started in blogging but here are the main three principles to remember while you are thinking about starting a blog.

Blogging For Beginners - Getting Started In Blogging

I have had numerous people ask me what it takes to start a personal or business blog online because of all the stir of people becoming highly successful online by simply sharing what is on their minds.

First things first is that you need to realize that writing a blog takes a lot of time and dedication. The more consistent and reliable you are with your blog posts the more credible and popular you will become. When you start your blog you need to realize that some of the most popular bloggers are doing this full-time, it's not just something you are going to be able to do a couple hours a week and expect to become the next online guru sensation. Your ability to push original and creative content to a captive audience is what is going to make you successful.

Blogging Topics

Find a topic you are able to talk about for hours. What is the one subject that if someone asks you one question, you can give them a 3 hour response on your opinion or statistics you know about that can offer them informative information. The more specific you can get the better. Most bloggers develop a very niche topic that they are able to write about and promote from many different angles but is all the same conversation. As a blogger you need to be able to come up with information regularly that helps people learn more about a subject so be sure you pick a topic you enjoy talking about and can always introduce something new in!

Blogging Consistency

As a blogger you need to realize that you need to post regularly in order to keep people coming back to your blog and interacting with your posts! A mixture of content, video and photos will also help you to expand your brand and keep your audience captive! From a blogging standpoint, I have heard of two methods that have been highly successful. Most bloggers say they write at least 2 blogs a week at minimum, the more you write the faster you will grow and another concept is writing 1,000 words a day. Also be sure to vary the length of your blogs, don't always write small blurbs but mix in longer high depth blogs that will keep readers attention, mixing a video or podcast on your blogs also helps you to explain your ideas as well!

Where To Blog

Figuring out what you are going to use to post your blogs online is always a big question as well. If you are trying to keep your costs down you can simply use blog hosting such as Blogger, Squidoo or Tumblr; each of these platforms is free to use and offers different benefits depending on what you are trying to accomplish. You can also host your blog yourself buy purchasing a domain and hosting at sources such as GoDaddy and then downloading WordPress and creating your blog that way. For those of you that are able to develop and design your own website that is also an option or if you have the funds you can hire a marketing agency or freelancer to develop and design you a website as well. All options are great and offer you a way of getting your ideas online!

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