14 Ways To Create Fresh & Compelling Content

Written by Josh Hines on July 03, 2013 under Startup Marketing Blogs
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Creating original killer content is probably one of the hardest things to do considering these days it seems as though everything is already online. Here is 14 ways to create fresh and compelling content to drive traffic to your website.

14 Ways To Create Fresh & Compelling Content

1. Curation

You have seen numerous websites popping up all over the place that offer curation services, you can do the same thing on your website. Take a topic and list your favorite blogs or websites that can offer solutions are a great way to build credibility with your readers.

2. Group Brainstorming

Get a group of people together and give them a topic and see where the conversation goes, this could not only give you a few blogs to write about but you could also make it a Google+ Hangout and then post the video to your YouTube account for future viewers to see.

3. Ask Your Readers

Simply asking your readers what they want you to write about can help you not only create highly relevant material but also allow you to build your relationship with your current customers and give them added value.

4. Interview Someone

The best way to build your credibility fast is by interviewing a high profile person on a particular related subject matter. Your ability to get someone to take the time to be interviewed by your company can show your reputation as a credible source of information.

5. Guest Writers

Allow people in your industry to write content on your website. You could pay them or just offer a link to their personal blog depending on your blogs page rank and reputation within your industry.

6. Best-Case Studies

Highlighting some of your best work often times can show your expertise and allow you to give real-world experiences about what you offer. Most people can relate to real life situations and connect with people that have similar stories, so sharing experiences can help you to connect with new prospects.

7. Worst-Case Studies

In retrospect, sharing your worst-case studies can show that your company is real. There will always be times when the work you do doesn't give huge results but what do you do then for your clients is what sets you apart from your competition. Sharing these stories and the after affects can show that your company is real.

8. Review Something

Reviewing a hot product or service and making a review or even better a video review can help you to create content that is relatable to your customers. When a hot product comes out, there is usually a stir around the product and people searching for information.

9. Share Your Success

People like to read about what it takes to be successful. Sharing your experience or your businesses strategies that have given you great results can help to build your credibility and drive traffic to your website about people whom are passionate about a particular subject.

10. Share Your Failures

In retrospect sharing your failures helps those whom follow you learn from your mistakes and not repeat the mistakes themselves.

11. Relive Your Memories

People love stories, a huge trend right now, so sharing a walk down memory lane can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website because you are being real with your customers and sharing your personal experience and knowledge.

12. Take A Walk

Sometimes the best way to come up with fresh content is by going for a walk and seeing things around you in your life and writing about how you interact with your world. I like to go to local malls and see what people are doing and looking for marketing trends on how people pull people into the many different stores.

13. Get Personal

Nothing makes a larger impact on your customers than sharing your personal life story and how it relates to your product or service. A life story sharing how your life has changed since you started a new business or launched a new product or service can show your passion and drive for the company.

14. Recycle

Probably one of the easiest ways to make fresh content is by using your analytics to see which of your content had a lot of views and conversions and then making new content using bits and pieces from different content you have already written.

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