Why I Started Innovating Creations - Josh Hines Background

Written by Josh Hines on June 11, 2013 under Startup Inspiration Blogs
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I have been asked by a lot of people what made me want to start my own company and what I am hoping will happen now that I am a business owner and future angel investor.

Why I Started Innovating Creations - Josh Hines Background

A number of people have asked me what my reason was for starting my own company and the answer is simple, I believe that with my skills and experience I can honestly help people become successful and I want to help people succeed. I truly believe in the statement, "blesses to be a blessing" and that God has given me the ability to be creative and design websites as well as branding and marketing strategies and that I should use these abilities to help others.

My background comes from a wide range of marketing background. My first job was a telemarketer in high school. I made cold calls trying to get people to sign up for a free basement inspection for EverDry Basement Waterproofing. From there I was a trade show demonstrator for a home improvement company specializing in bathrooms and kitchens all while in high school.

Once I got to college I did a number of internships and always had a job while in school. I continued to be a trade show demonstrator my freshman year. My sophomore year I did an internship for University Directories as a Local Sales Manager selling yellow page ads in my university student & faculty directory. My junior year I did an intern at the university I attended in their graphics design department designing print materials for the school. Finally my senior year I did an intern at a local car dealership managing all their on and offline marketing tactics including: social media, email marketing, web design, newspaper ads and other online marketing tactics to help generate leads for their sales team.

Upon graduating college, I took a job at a local electric control panel manufacturing company and managed their eCommerce website as well as online marketing.

After 11 months had past, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where I worked for a software development company managing their online marketing strategies including: social media, email marketing, SEO and PPC for a little over a year. I have some marketing agency experience and my last job before starting Innovating Creations was working for a wireless modem reseller where I redeveloped their 4 companies' websites and repositioned their online marketing strategies which over a 6 month period cut their marketing budget in half while at the same tripling their website traffic.

The main reason I started Innovating Creations is that I really enjoy developing and designing websites as well as setting up marketing strategies and budgets to promote business online. I have always enjoy being creative and learning new ways of lead generation promotion.

In the end running a business is very simple once you figure out your talents and abilities, you simply find a problem in the world that you can offer a solution that provides an income, while at the same time enjoying what you are doing, it's that simple.

As for the future, I hope to continue to grow this company and offer more services that can help more people become successful. It is my hope to build a national brand that is recognized by the industry and an inspiration for other hopeful business dreamers.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask me or would like to know something in particular about me, feel free to drop a comment and I will answer any question you may be pondering.

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