Where Are You Living, The Past, Future Or The Present

Written by Josh Hines on May 16, 2013 under Startup Inspiration Blogs
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The present is the most powerful time of your life; every day is a new chance to start doing something truly amazing. Every new day is a blank page, waiting to be written. How your story will be told in the future is up to you and God’s will.

Where Are You Living, The Past, Future Or The Present

You live each moment of every day as you feel is right, you design your own truths and beliefs, what you feel like fighting for. Other people can’t tell you your destiny but they can offer you advice and may see patterns throughout your life that you don’t see, but inevitably your future is how you want to write your story. If you have a dream, you have to be willing to risk your life to obtain it. You have to write your story in a way that you have never seen it before, considering most people live the lives of comfort and safety. You can only rely on two people to get the work started, you and God. You have to be willing to set aside your own health and resources in order to go after something more.

You can’t blame others, or the situation for the circumstance you are in, saying if only I didn’t have so much debt, or if I didn’t have a family, these are all calculations you need to take into hand, but essentially the move is on you. Most people want to take the easy way out and blame their current circumstances for where they are so in return they don’t have to take any action and then the next thing you know your old and grey saying, “why did I never blame myself and take action.” There is always going to be a circumstance that stands before us, trying to stop us from obtaining our dreams and aspiration, when we were young people said we didn’t have enough experience, then we went to college to obtain experience and knowledge only to obtain debt, then we take a job to pay off that debt (sometimes 30 years), by that time it’s time to start a family so you need to play it safe to protect those you love, there is never a good moment to go out and take a risk, you just have to take a leap of faith and pray to God that He is going to make you fly.

Life is more about not seeing the hard aches that you know will present themselves but seizing the present for what it is, opportunities are all around us, when you start to see life as an opportunity, your story and ultimately your life moves forward.

How To Live In The Present

Here is a list of things you can do right now that you can introduce in your life in order to start writing a new chapter in your book called, "Life."

Personal Growth

The most successful people are those who spend time on grooming themselves, realizing how to effectively manage their time and continue to learn new things. Sadly most people confuse personal growth with what society has depicted as maturity, which is getting married, and working the corporate latter that over time we forget our own dreams. Instead focus on what really brings you alive and learn everything you can about that subject and then act on it!

Living Truth

To many of us live in the imaginary life of tomorrow, right now I just simply want to ask you what question, “What if God ends your life tonight?” What are you going to tell him when He asks why you didn’t act on what He put on your heart? Most people live the life of doing things tomorrow, all you are doing is lying to yourself, stop lying and start living in truth and take your dreams head on. The time to act on your truth is now.

Freedom Of An Open Mind

Life is all a matter of perception; do you see the glass half full or half empty? There are obvious answers and facts of life that must be taken into consideration, but for the most part, your life is mostly going to be lived in a world of grey area. Of course the way you perceive the world will be different than the person next to you, but that is because God has made you unique for a reason. Life is supposed to encompass both success and failure but most always remain a continuous growth movement fixed on making your life better. Choosing a fixed point of view and remaining there, is just as bad as saying you are dead. Life isn’t always about being right, but learning from every mistake and listening to those around you and seeking their knowledge and advice.

Healthy Relationships

Most people don’t connect with people to just shoot the breeze, most relationships are built on the principal of learning something new. Most relationships are built on two parts, you are either learning from someone who knows something you don’t or your teaching someone something you know and they don’t. In either direction it’s always learning, healthy relationships help you to grow in either they way you learn or the way share your knowledge. Most times the people you surround yourself with are those that are seeking your knowledge or advice, it’s up to you to share in stages growth and pain the experiences you went through to help them not make so many mistakes.

Your Life Story

Everyone always worries about what people are thinking about them, the sad part is, most people are very selfish and are only thinking about themselves so you don’t really have to worry about what others think you of you. If you honestly feel as though people are watching you every move, it’s really just your perception, really it is you who is watching your every move. It’s you own fears that are driving your crazy and causing you to judge yourself. The story you tell yourself in your head is the story you are going to live by the rest of your life. It’s up to you to supply the narrative, the next time you think someone is talking about you, tell yourself I bet they are telling each other all the things they enjoy about me. I know it might seem selfish and arrogant but self-confidence is the best recipe for success.

Tackling Surprises

Life is all about cause and effect, the way you react to circumstance will eventually dominate your life. If you for instance hate change, your mind will naturally always play it safe, if you like a little chaos in your life then you will over time train yourself to take more calculated risks in life. For instance when I was younger I also lived a safe consistent life, post college I made a point to always be changing; jobs, friends, experiences, where I lived, overtime as I grew up I conditioned myself that is okay to fail as long as you learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. Of course, I did repeat mistakes over the years, but recently over the past few months I have finally learned from those mistakes and have ceased to repeat them, thank God.

In life though, in the end its up to you to choose your path, do you want to live the life of playing it safe or are you willing to take a gamble and leap of faith and risk it all for something truly amazing.

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