Top 5 Things You Should Do At The Start Of Every Work Day

Written by Josh Hines on June 03, 2013 under Startup Inspiration Blogs
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The way you start your day is how the rest of the day will develop. If you start your day out telling yourself that today is going to be a good day and that's things are going to change then they will.

Top 5 Things You Should Do At The Start Of Every Work Day

Ensure Your Workspace Is Organized

Nothing causes more stress than a disorganized desk. Cleaning off your desk everyday and starting with a fresh beginning allows you to focus on the tasks at hand. A clean desks not only makes you seem more on top of your game but also limits the distractions and accidents that could come about because of a cluttered workspace.

Ideally the best way to keep your workspace organized is at the end of each work day clear your desk off of all unnecessary items, work material and other related distractions. That way when you come into the office the next day you have a clean workspace and start the day off right and getting to the important things faster.

Don't Let Your Inbox Be A Distraction

Considering modern day business this is probably the hardest thing to accomplish each day but according to leading business experts checking your email first thing in the morning already puts you behind. The problem is, that today so many people use email to communicate and most emails are either spam or of non-importance. Most times email just leads to distraction, someone sending you a funny video or spoof message, sports schedules, and online news that is irrelevant to the tasks you need to accomplish today.

Listen To Your Voicemail

Most managers and employees get to work and the first thing they do is jump on their computer. You need to realize though that your voicemail could possibly be a very urgent high priority opportunity. The fact is, most people these days rely on email and other mediums of conversation, so if they take the time to find a number to reach out and leave a voice mail they are most likely ready to make a business decision and probably need the work done as soon as possible.

Take Advantage Of A Cleared Mind

Most people are the most productive when they first arrive at the office. Your brain is ready to function and is rested and ready to be creative. The best use of your morning is to push through the tough tasks in the morning and leave the easy stuff such as checking your email and making client calls for the afternoon when you are tired of working and just want the time to pass faster.

Plan A Mid-Morning Break

A mid-morning break is all about giving your brain a break and time to refocus your thoughts and actions in order to keep the momentum going in order for you to tackle the afternoon and make the best use of your day. Personally I like to wake up in the morning, schedule out my morning tasks and then go for a short walk, not only does it help me health wise but also stirs up blood flow in order to keep me energized.

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