Stop Your Stinking Thinking And Start Thinking Positive

Written by Josh Hines on June 02, 2013 under Startup Inspiration Blogs
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To many people stop themselves from achieving greatness simply by the way the perceive and think about themselves. We are our most enemy and tell ourselves that we can't have something.

Stop Your Stinking Thinking And Start Thinking Positive

Experience tells us that if two people look at something they will both see something completely different. Our perceptions and the habits we have formed over time make us see every situation different than the people that we interact with. While one person might see a problem as an opportunity and a blessing, the other might see it as a roadblock and a curse.

The way we think is shaped just as much by our personal perception as it is by the reality of the world, we view our life though our lens and prisms of our past experiences because these past experiences have shaped out lives, developed certain habits and have had a huge impact on the way we handle different situations.

One of America’s most famous entrepreneurs realized early on that the way you think would inevitably drive your lifestyle. Henry Ford recognized that one’s mental attitude would totally drive and shape their life. That “stinking thinking” and negative thoughts would destroy any chance at greatness. That one most remove these negative thoughts and replace them with optimism, hope and faith and a truth and belief that you will succeed if you just put a little effort towards a goal.

All great people in this world first had to believe in themselves. They simply told themselves one simple truth, “I will do this.” The fact that they first believed in themselves and had an idea of how to make themselves better is the first step towards any success story.

Successful people always believe and push themselves harder towards something than the world is pushing them away from it. The world wants people to fail and it wants people to give up, people tell you all the time what you can and can’t do. Secretly though, everyone wants to see you succeed. People want to see others succeed because it pushed them as well to become greater.

People that overcame great opposition and ridicule would include: Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Beeny Goodman, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to name a few. All these people went through struggles but in the end they believed in themselves so much they told themselves they could not and would not fail.

To Be Great And To Achieve Your Own Success In Life, You Must First Begin The Journey With An Unshakable Confidence In Your Own Abilities

As a successful person you can’t rely on the world to tell you that you’re great, you need to first realize your true potential and view yourself successful long before the world sees your success. It is the small steps and confidence in yourself that will shine through to the world and inspire those around you.

Dreams only come true if faith in yourself is genuine, deep-seated and based on a honest appraisal of your own abilities and passions. Once you start telling yourself that you’re going to be successful and see for yourself your true potential, nothing in the world can stop you from obtaining your greatest needs, wants and desires.

Stop thinking negative and start changing your thought process and start seeing the changes. Change only comes to those willing to change.

What is something you do when a negative thought comes through your mind, do you try to ignore it, argue with it, or do you have your own special tactic to stop the negative thoughts from running your life?

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