5 Ways To Make The Rest Of 2013 Amazing

Written by Josh Hines on July 01, 2013 under Startup Inspiration Blogs
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It's July 1st and we are more than half way through the year and I just want to give some simple ideas of how to make the rest of 2013 the most amazing part of 2013!

5 Ways To Make The Rest Of 2013 Amazing

I graduated in 2009 and it seems every year since then has just gone by faster and faster, months seem like days and years seem like months. It's funny to think that in the blink of an eye it will be 2014 and as we are already half way through the year there is still lots of time in 2013 to accomplish your dreams. As we reflect on Q1 and Q2 we can realize that we have already accomplishing a lot of ideas and things we had planned but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to accomplish our 2013 overall goals.

As we move in the 4th of July, this gives us a little time to reflect on our past and set new goals for the end of year. Take this time to reflect and set yourself up, whether you are ahead of schedule or behind setting realistic goals right now can get you to where you need to go for 2013.

Here is a list of ideas and goals to set for Q3 and Q4.

1. Solve A Communication Issue

The number one issue that hurts business is its inability to communicate through management to the staff and employees of the company. Being able to effectively communicate your procedures and goals to your employees will get you to your goals faster. Take the time to find a bottleneck in your businesses communication and try to fix it so your team can communicate better!

2. Eliminate A Useless Practice Or Policy

It seems like every company has a billion "Best Practices" on how to effectively complete things. Problem is, that over time these procedures and policies may actually limit your team's ability to get things done fast and effectively. Over the next few days talk to your employees and learn what policies they feel as though need tweaks, altered or dropped all together. Sometimes as a upper management or owner you don't have to work with these policies daily and don't actually know first hand how they limit your staff.

3. Remove A Useless Item From Your Budget

There is always a place in your budget where you can cut the access and shift it to something more important. Take the time to go through your expense account and see where you are spending your money and what items, services or products you are spending money on that really don't add value to your company. Then see where you can position that savings to make your business grow over the next few months.

4. Commit To A New Experiment

With the extra savings from steps 2 and 3 you'll now be able to do some experiments and add some cash flow to your research department. Your ability to develop new services and products will keep your company fresh and give you the ability to add more value to your company and offer your customers something new and exciting.

5. Make A Connection Or Hire Someone Smart

Everyone knows the saying it's not what you know, it's who you know. Take the next couple weeks to higher someone smarter than you in an area where you are lacking or find a mentor or advisor to help you personally grow in a department where your business is lacking in order to take you to the next level. Sometime hiring one employee can dramatically change your environment and make your business better.

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