5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck In In A Rut

Written by Josh Hines on May 30, 2013 under Startup Inspiration Blogs
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There are a number of reasons why people can't move onto something great, most reasons are something they can control themselves but instead make an excuse or reason why they can't have success.

5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck In In A Rut

Life is simple, don't let fear, failure, pain or any other circumstance run your life, quit complicating life. Life is simple you make choices and you don't look back. Life is a matter of choices that you make throughout out your life that ultimately decide your destiny and fate. The best outcome for tomorrow's success is by making the best choices today. Each new adventure, business venture or career starts with one simple choice to make your life better. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with one simple step in the forward direction, quit walking backwards and start bringing change into your life.

5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck In The Past

You Haven't Taken Responsibility For Your Circumstances

Today more and more people are blaming their circumstances for where they are at in life, if something hadn't happened in their past, their family raised them differently, they have to much debt or they have to many things relying on them to make things happen. People always seem to be able to blame the world for where they are in their lives but instead of blaming other people or things for for where you are, you really need to look at the real reason. You are where you are because of the choices you have made in the past. In order to grow in the present and in the future you first need to correct your foundation and past and learn from the poor choices you made in the past in order to not repeat them in the future. You need to take responsibility for your current situation, accept it, learn from it, and then change in order to get the needs, wants and desires of your life. Until you are willing to take responsibility for your life and change the way you think, nothing in your life is going to change and year after year you will just repeat the same mistakes and remain in the same place you are currently whining about.

Letting Your Emotions Drive Your Thoughts And Actions

To many people when they are pursuing their dreams and aspirations encounter road blocks along the way, if you don't you're doing something wrong, and along this pursuit when they reach these road blocks they let their emotions and fear get the best of them. Instead of pushing through and continuing on their path they shut down and start making excuses and reasons to quit. These emotions and fears are not real they are simply road blocks in your mind, the world is not trying to stop you from accomplishing something you great, you are stopping yourself. The next time this happens push through it, don't stop because as soon as you push through, you will learn something about yourself that you never knew before.

Looking For Happiness Outwardly

Happiness is not something that is given to you. It is not something that when you interact with the world, or the people in it, is given to you or increased. True happiness is not in the "things" you own in the world, or the people that surrender to you. True happiness will not be found in the world, happiness starts within. Happiness is a thought you give yourself, a choice you make and a decision you decide to act on and believe. Happiness is a feeling and thought you create and until you turn inwardly for your happiness and make the choice yourself to be happy, it doesn't matter how great the world is, you'll always be miserable.

Taking The Easy Path Most Traveled

To many people take the easy the easy path in life because it is comfortable, safe and already paved by others telling you what you need to do in order to "get by" in life. If you do take the easy path though, you're dreams, desires and aspirations will never come true. The path to greatness is the path less traveled, it is the wilderness that is unknown to many and filled with challenges, risks and thousands of excuses to turn back and return to the easy path. This path is the journey in life that is never easy but in the when you look back on your life will be the path that gives you the most accomplishments and forces you to grow and mature not only personally but in your faith as well. The path less traveled will in the end give you the dreams, desires and aspirations written on your heart and once you get through the desert will bring you completely alive.

You Keep Quitting On Your Calling And Purpose

To many people lives their lives being told what and what not to do with their lives in order to obtain "success." The reality is that God didn't create us to live this way, each of us has a calling and purpose to fulfill that was written long before we were created. It is the thing or idea that brings alive and gives us a reason to live. It is the one thing that will truly satisfy us and gives us a reason to wake up each morning, it is the idea that believe that we think can change the world and make it a better place to live. To many people ignore this calling though and continue to help other people obtain their calling and purpose in life instead of their own. Quit giving up on yourself and start taking actions right now that will put you back on the path to greatness.

What are some of the other reasons why are not reaching your dreams, desires and aspirations?

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