I Hate The Excuse: I Don't Have Enough Money

Written by Josh Hines on June 16, 2013 under Startup Funding Blogs
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When I talk to most people about starting a business there are usually only two excuses I hear about that is stopping them from starting their business, fear and money.

I Hate The Excuse: I Don't Have Enough Money

When I think about all the great people whom started business ventures, I always think about all the glory stories of going from nothing to self-made millionaires. When you talk to the typical aspiring business entrepreneur the two top reasons why they haven't started their business is fear and money.

I want to take a moment and explain that if you are waiting to get the funds to start your business, you're never going to make it. Most people when you talk to them about their business beginnings and what they did for capital will all say the same thing, "We didn't have capital when we started." When you look at most beginnings, the founders of some of the largest companies to date didn't have a large budget when they stated. Most started their businesses on the peanut butter and jelly diet and small investments from friends and family. They knew in order to get where they wanted to go they first had to put the time in themselves and build something of value before they seek out funding.

You need to realize that no one is going to invest or loan you money if you don't do your homework. This includes having a plan of attack, a prototype or service outline and a team of like-minded individuals all dedicated to the same vision. Dreams and ideas are a dime a dozen, give me a cup of coffee and a box of donuts and within 30 min I could have a dozen business ideas that you could go after. The catch with getting funding is the time and dedication you put into your business.

The best decision I ever made when starting my business was quitting my job and going after my dream full time. When it comes down to it, you are either in business or you are day dreaming, there is no in between. When you decide to risk it all and go after your dreams the amount of passion and drive in you comes alive and for once in you life you have to give it everything you got in order to survive, there is no more I can do this tomorrow syndrome.

Quit making excuses and just make the conscious decision to start your business. What is the most that could happen, your idea doesn't take off and you have to find a new idea or career. Quit procrastinating and start your business today.

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