How To Overcome Fear

Written by Josh Hines on May 17, 2013 under Startup Fear Blogs
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Fear can simply be thought of as, False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is an emotion that causes someone to stop what he or she is trying to accomplish. Most people see fear as a bad thing and stop doing what they are doing because it is dangerous.

How To Overcome Fear

Fear is a good thing, when you start sensing fear when you are trying to accomplish something, this means you are on the right path and are getting one step closer to success. When you start feeling like you are about to step out into something you haven’t done before just be courageous and take a leap of faith that everything will work out. The most that could happen when you take this leap is fail, and if you think about it, you’re not failing you just learning how to not do something again.

What is Fear?

Fear is anything that make it, it is something you put in your head and thoughts of stopping yourself from doing something. Fear can be derived from the following four instances:

  • Pain
  • Death
  • Rejection
  • Failure
Of course, anyone who is trying to start a business is going to reach these moments in time when they are not sure what to do next. Fearing the unknown is most likely going to happen when you step out on a journey and try to accomplish something new, but at the same time it is during this time that you fully come alive. All your emotions start to fire all at once, you start to use your mind in a different way than you ever have before. You start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and you say to yourself, “just a little more, just a little more.” The more risk and fear you are willing to take on will only make you stronger in the long run.

The best way to overcome fear is action. The most successful people don’t spend a lot of time planning their next steps; they just act on impulse and are willing to make multiple mistakes along the way. All successful people see fear as a motivational factor and it lets them know that they are about to learn something new about him or her or what they are working on. Fear is simply an emotion that tells you that something truly exciting and new is about to happen.

When I first graduated college, I always wanted to move to North Carolina. In March of 2011, a software development company in Raleigh finally hired me. I moved from Ohio to North Carolina knowing only 3 people; my supervisor, a co-worker and the owner of the company. Was I scared, of course, but I knew the rewards of moving down here would out weigh the fear factors and shortly after moving down here, I met a group of people and it seemed like I was back at home.

The way you perceive fear is always going to determine the way you react to it, you can look at fear as something scary and run from it, or you can look at it as you are about to learn something new and always run to it!

The next time you feel the fear, push past it and I promise you will discover something you never thought you could of done before in your life! It’s the action you take in order to push past the fear and see only the opportunity, that will make you successful.

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