The Five Competencies Of Creative Intelligence

Written by Josh Hines on June 03, 2013 under Startup Creativity Blogs
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In today's modern world in order to be considered a success you must go against the flow of many and become truly creative in order to make something truly great.

The Five Competencies Of Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence branches from the following five competencies; knowledge mining, framing, playing, making and pivoting. These five areas are the secrets to the search of what truly is "creativity." Creativity is more than just a left side right side mind-frame but unlike popular belief is a full-brain function. When true creativity is present within your mind, your whole mind is at work trying to design and develop the answer to your problems.

Knowledge Mining

Knowledge mining is the foundation of all creativity. Creative thinking is not something that is taught at a school, college or university. Creative thinking can not be scored or tested as other skills and degrees can be. Knowledge mining is the idea of learning as much as you can from different sources and then have the ability to connect it all simultaneously. Creative Intelligence is the ability to see patterns and problems in present day generations and demographics and then connecting present information and personal experience to provide a solution to the problems. Highly creative people use their knowledge to streamline this process and are able to connect the dots because of the amount of knowledge they know about a certain industry or domain.


Framing is lens we place of our own eyes that's gives us our perception of how we see and interact with the world around us. Creative people have the ability to focus themselves and see the world differently than most people see it. Instead of seeing the world as a giant problem and sitting back until someone fixes it, creative people see opportunities all around them just waiting to be solved. Using this mined knowledge they focus their frames on certain problem and find and present solutions to their captive markets and influence them to purchase it. There is 3 types of framing including: narrative framing, engagement framing and what if framing. Each frame or lens has it's own abilities and means of looking at the world.


As kids our creativity was probably at its highest point. When we were younger we were told we could be anything we wanted to be at that the sky was the limit. Creative people continue to think that way through their frames and use the world as their playground. Playing and taking risks is all necessary in order to achieve true greatness. Your ability to play and make mistakes and failures is part of life and your ability to learn new things and processes. As "gamers" of life you are able to make life however you want it, make your life a fantasy where design the rules and influence those around you towards a common idea or goal. Using creative intelligence allows us you to think outside the box, rewrite the old rules of success that no longer work and shift the designs to help those around you succeed.


Making something is probably the most exciting and worth while creative intelligence someone can posses. Over the past decade people have been stuck in a process of success and just recently considering the amount of people going after the same processes it is harder to land a career or start a business doing the same things millions of others are trying to do. The ability to make something truly new is a creative intelligence that over the past year has been recognized as a growing sector in the United States. With advances in technology and disruptive business practices, more and more people are able to build new things faster and cheaper and then distributing them to world easier and more effectively.


Pivoting is a shift from big Wall Street corporations to Main Street business once again. Over the years we have seen huge shifts in power from the big box stores and corporations to the little giants of tomorrow. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and Kickstarter to name a few have been some of the biggest pivoting companies to date. While big corporations have large amounts of capital and resources, with all the overhead and management it is harder for them to connect and develop within a community. Pivoting is the idea of being able to serve a community of like-minded individuals and supply their needs, wants and desires from a more personal standpoint. Most creative people think of pivoting as their passion or calling, it's there ahha moment and pivoting point from day-to-day work to striving after their dreams and success.

As you continue to start your business, think outside the box and creatively about your next business venture. Don't keep repeating what has already been done, instead focus on using your mind to come up with some genuine new way of doing business and a whole new solution to a problem the world is facing. With true creative intelligence comes huge rewards.

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