Become An Entrepreneur In 4 Steps

Written by Josh Hines on May 31, 2013 under Startup Business Plan Blogs
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Starting a business is one thing but making the shift and managing your time like an entrepreneur is the real transformation needed to become a successful business owner.

Become An Entrepreneur In 4 Steps

Build A Strategic Network

The most important thing to realize as you go out on your own is that you can't do everything by yourself. Creating a strategic network is a must if you want to survive. Your network can help to guide you as you transform into the successful business owner you are possible of becoming. A strategic network can help you to grow faster, make less mistakes and help you to develop out your ideas and offer advice on how to effectively and efficiency manage your time and resources.

Create A Clear Vision

  • What contribution do I want to make to the world or to your business
  • Make a list of your role models, and the characteristics in them that you most admire
  • Make a list of your core values and your own definition of success
  • Develop a mission statement that is a true reflection of the person you aspire to be
  • Once you have a statement that is a reflection of the future you, memorize it and live it everyday

Design A Plan To Achieve Your Vision

  • Write down 3-5 targeted objectives; for each objective, list the concrete actions you will take to achieve it
  • Create metrics that will help you measure how you’re doing and to keep you focused on success
  • Check in with your strategic network to help you develop and design your plan of success

Establish Healthy Habits

As business owners and entrepreneurs we tend to strain ourselves and push ourselves to a higher level. While it's good that you are pushing yourself, at the same time you need to realize that you need to continue to take care of yourself. As a business owner you can't afford to get sick so make sure to get your 8 hours of sleep each night, do 20 minutes of exercise each day, do something fun, creative or exciting to keep your life interesting and connect with other people around you that matter most; family and friends. Remember that life is more than just work!

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