3 Simple Principles Of Naming Your Next Start-Up

Written by Josh Hines on June 04, 2013 under Startup Business Plan Blogs
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Quit wasting time trying to come up with the perfect name for your next startup and use these three simple guidelines in order to come up with an awesome business name.

Plan For The Misinterpretations

It's better to have a neutral name that is easy to remember, easy to style and easy to pronounce than it is to make up a name or play on words that could have a negative connotation or limited to a set perimeters. Be conscious of the way your name will be said or it's meaning in other in cultures. Sometimes the most straight forward and simplest forms of a business name are the easiest for your customers to understand.

Consider your name as the first thing someone sees about your company how does it interpret what your business does and your capabilities, be sure that you are possessing the correct message and that your name works hand in hand with your brand and the style and positioning you are trying to reflect.

Our business name, "Innovating Creations" is a play on words of helping people create and innovate new ideas and bringing new processes and products to the market. our purpose is to inspire and build success stories through creative innovation.

Own The Rights And Positioning

Today, there are millions of people trying to start a business and from a marketing standpoint when you start a business you really need to own the name and position yourself in order to be successful. Most companies have an online presences so in order to really own the rights to your company, you need to first own the domain associated with your business name.

Considering your domain name and website links can be modified, at the same time your domain name should associate with your brand and the positioning you are trying to present to a specific target market.

At Innovating Creations, we were able to get the exact domain name for our business name so our branding and position was easier than some businesses that have a name but then use a different domain name for their business.

Lasting First Impressions

Creating a lasting first impression with your name alone can almost be the breaking point for a business. Try to hone in on using the correct wording and verbiage in order to present your company long before they even know about you. if you are trying to come off very professional and organized, try to stay away from improvising and play on words and be more straight forward and at the same time, you wouldn’t want something dry for a fun company.

The name Innovating Creations when just said on its own, usually makes people think creative and new beginnings or at least that is the reasoning behind the name.

Our first impression that our brand tries to leave on people is that this company is not trying to repeat the same old process that others have failed with. Instead we are trying to be creative and innovating in order to develop a new process where more people can be helped when trying to start a business venture of their own.

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