Top 10 Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs

Written by Josh Hines on May 30, 2013 under Startup Business Leadership Blogs
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As a business owner you need to be able to effectively manage your employees if you are going to have any chance of making your business a success and continue to grow over time.

Top 10 Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs

A businesses success relies significantly on the business owner’s ability to properly manage and engage its employees. When it comes to employees quitting their job, there were common characteristics that business they worked for had in common.

Despite business owner’s beliefs that their employees leave because they feel as though they are underpaid is not the main reason why employees leave, instead 88% of employees leave because of other aspects that have no relation to money.

Top 10 Reasons Employees Quit

  1. Limited career opportunities (16 percent)
  2. Lack of respect/support from supervisor (13 percent)
  3. Money (12 percent)
  4. Lack of interesting/challenging job duties (11 percent)
  5. Lack of leadership from supervisor (9 percent)
  6. Bad work hours (6 percent)
  7. Unavoidable reasons (5 percent)
  8. Bad employee relations by supervisor (4 percent)
  9. Favoritism by supervisor (4 percent)
  10. Lack of recognition for contributions (4 percent)

Employees desperately want their leaders to:

  • Envision a bold, clear and inspirational future
  • Empathize with them to understand their motivations and strengths
  • Enhance their skills through education, exposure and experience
  • Empower them to do meaningful work
  • Evaluate them on a truthful and timely basis
  • Encourage them as much as humanly possible
If you do those six things, your employees will feel the love and will stay with you forever. If you don’t, they won’t.

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Josh Hines shared:
I quit most of jobs because of the lack of challenging and creative job duties.
6 Years Ago via Google Chrome

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