Are You A COI Or A COA Person?

Written by Josh Hines on May 22, 2013 under Startup Business Leadership Blogs
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In the journey we call life you are one of two people, you are either the center of influence, whom has their act together and has few layers or the center of attention whom still has a few layers that need removed.

Are You A COI Or A COA Person?

Don't answer the question to fast, first read the entire blog before you just to an assumption of the person you proud to be. These two types of people are night and day of each other and even though they might seem like the same person there are a few distinct differences about how the person acts with those around him.

COI And COA Descriptions

Center Of Influence

A center of influence person is more aware of how his actions will affect those around him, their thoughts, actions and the way they uphold themselves all depicts their character and the way they influence others around them. They understand that they have the ability to control the relationships they have with others but control they way they behave and express themselves, even in difficult situations. They reflect inwards instead of outwards, when a situation comes across that didn't go the way they wanted, they ask themselves, "what can I do next time to change the outcome," instead of forcing those around them to change. As a center of influence person you see yourself as more of a person that shares their knowledge and helps those around them grow and mature than worry about their own wants.

Center Of Attention

A center of attention person lives their life more emotionally. They see their relationships more on what can this person do for me or has done to me and what can I gain from this relationship. Center of attention people believe that the people they interact with should change and do what will meet their needs and wants - that the world should revolve around your ideas and beliefs and are not willing to take into consideration other people's opinions. Their life is lived merely on emotion, if things are going the way they want them the world is an awesome place, if not the world is in chaos.

COI And COA Difference

The way these two people are different can be seen by the amount of layers they put up as defensive mechanism. Center of attention people usually have multiple layers because they live their life on emotion and feel as though the world and the people around them are out to get them and stop them from getting what they want in life. Center of influence people know who they are and what they want from life, they live life logically and see the world as their playground and have less layers and are more transparent with their lives because they know personally that no one in this world can hurt them emotionally, they make their own happiness and share their joy with the people in their lives.

So how do you move from a center of attention to center of influence, there are a number of ways that you can try everyone is different though so there isn't a set process that will help everyone. Start reading self-help books and learning how to rethink the way you think to see more inwardly than outwardly. Do what makes you happy and develop a strong skill set that you can share and help others with which will build your self-esteem, find a mentor or friend that can help you out and be your accountability partner and can help you point out your blind spots, and simply when interacting with people pay more attention to the way you present yourself, see the world through the perception of their eyes and not your own. Everything doesn't have to revolve around you. Moving from a center of attention to influence is more than just actions, somewhere inside you is something that you need to change mentally that will give you a new perception on life and the idea of being secure with yourself and who you are and being confident in yourself.

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