8 Things Productive People Do During The Workday

Written by Josh Hines on May 21, 2013 under Startup Business Leadership Blogs
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People regardless of job title or responsibility are always looking for faster ways to do things so that they can accomplish more throughout the day. Here is a list of 8 things to make you more productive.

8 Things Productive People Do During The Workday

When you go through the day and get on a role of completing the to-do-list are you really getting things done or are you just keeping your busy. There is a really big difference between "busy work" and being "productive." All successful people realize that their time is money and not a thing to be wasted. In order to be successful you need to realize you need to do less things great than more things well.

Take Your Productivity To The Next Level

Create A Small To Do List

There is not point in creating a daily to do list that is a page long of little pointless tasks that will not really bring any value to your company. Instead make a small list of 3-5 items that you want to accomplish that day that you know will bring value to your company.

Take Short Breaks Throughout The Day

Some of the most brilliant and successful people recognize the power or breaks and power naps. Einstein took naps regularly throughout the day as he learned something new so that his brain had time to absorb the new knowledge and retain it for future use. Most people think as they work harder and longer they become more "productive," to the contra of popular belief as you work long hours your brain stops working as hard because it is on overload. When this happens you need to take a break; go for a walk, eat a small meal, workout or even call a friend to give your brain some time to process all the new information and relax.

Follow The 80/20 Rule

Did you know that 20% of all accomplishments and success comes from 80% of the work we do. This fact shows that most of the work we do throughout the day with our long to do lists doesn't really even matter to our productivity. Instead of having a list of "busy work" limit yourself to things that will bring value to your company, as you start to limit meaningless tasks your business will start to transform and you will be able to accomplish a lot more items than you were able to before.

Start Each Day Focusing On Yourself

I know this may seem selfish, but if you start your day doing what others tell you to do via the emails sent to you, voicemails or your boss when you first walk into the office, your starting your day off to fail and always seem like you are behind. Instead right off the back in the morning start your day off on a positive note. Take care of yourself; eat a healthy breakfast, take a hot shower, read your Bible, meditate on your thoughts or read the news. These little tasks can be accomplished easily and you can build a momentum to starting your day out on the right step.

Tackle Difficult Tasks First

Start your day going after the value items and challenging work on your to do list and leave your "busy work" for after you do the things that will add value to your company. To many people start off with the easy tasks every day and by the time you come around to the value adding challenging work you have burnt yourself out for the day doing "busy work" that really doesn't even matter.

Talk To People In Person Or Over The Phone

In today's modern world to many people rely on email as their main source of communication. Now I am not saying that email is a bad thing it does help to streamline tasks but the power behind a personal phone call or meeting can mean the difference between success and failure. Most people think of emails as not important anymore because they get some many throughout the day and see them as a distraction but the idea of reaching out via phone or in person shows that you need to be taken serious and that you are here to help and you are responsible and ready to take on some serious tasks.

Create A Success System

If you look at successful people they always seem to follow a precise life pattern of consistency and preserving. They nearly schedule out their entire lives so they can effectively manage their time more efficiently. They take the time to notice where there bottle necks are in their lives and re-tasks themselves not to be held up or distracted with these tasks and create a success system in order to always have them doing things that add value to their lives.

Don’t Confuse Productivity With Laziness

Even though most people might admit to themselves or others that they are "lazy" but laziness is the number one dream killer. Emailing people, scheduling meetings that don't have a point and social networking are all signs of laziness and just signs that people don't want to do real work. Instead of focusing on these tasks, instead manage your time more effectively on adding value to your company and not pointless tasks that are just "busy work."

Remember, less is more when it comes to being productive during the workday and try to stay in the 20% of your time that continues to add value to your company.

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