5 Weird Things Successful People Do

Written by Josh Hines on May 30, 2013 under Startup Business Leadership Blogs
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Successful people don't act or think like "normal" people and usually tend to do things differently which makes them unique and obviously successful. Here is a list of some of the weird things successful people do.

5 Weird Things Successful People Do

Argue Ideas And Assumptions

Some of the most successful people aren't afraid to stand up to their bosses and co-workers about a business practice or the way things are being dealt with. Arguing constructively brings about an outside opinion and new ways of doing things that could inevitably make the business more successful. Constructive arguing also forces people to back their assumptions and ideas with information and statistics that could bring about change as well.

Confront Mistakes

The worst thing you can do is realize that someone is telling a lie or doing something wrong and now say anything about it. You need to be comfortable calling someone out for their mistakes, positively of course, and in a way that makes them realize that they need to think before they act and not run their business on purely emotional reactions.

Being Ruthless

It's never a bad thing to hold yourself to a higher standard then those around you. Being the center of influence, almost forces you to hold yourself to a higher caliber which at times of true greatness will result in some ruthless acts as you need to manage your time effectively and when you see a way to do things faster must go after it.

Seek Out Rejection

All successful people enjoy being told over and over, "no." Some of the most successful people in the world strive to get rejected hundreds of times daily because they know they are just learning ways of not doing things and how to improve themselves for future endeavors. They view being told no as not rejection but a learning experience on how to reposition themselves for the next meeting or opportunity.

Isolate Yourself

As people become more successful, more and more people are going to want tap into their success to learn what it takes to become successful. As a result, your success is at the same time your curse. This could result though in not taking the time to continue to make yourself grow. Most successful people take the time to isolate themselves so that can collect their thoughts and actions and plan for their next steps so they can continue to stay ahead of the game.

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Josh Hines shared:
I always tended to get myself in trouble with the business owners I worked for because I was never afraid to call them out and offer my opinion on how I feel as though something should be done, most owners later would commended me for speaking up and standing up for myself because most people don't and just do what they are told.
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