5 Things You Are Better At Than Anyone Else In The World

Written by Josh Hines on May 17, 2013 under Startup Business Leadership Blogs
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There are few things this world will say you are the absolute best at but here are 5 things that you can be sure to master every day of your life and be the absolute best at.

5 Things You Are Better At Than Anyone Else In The World

Be You

When we were growing up we always wanted to be like everyone else, fit in with the A crowd, be like the “Jones” but that is not what life is really supposed to be about. God made each and every one us in a unique way. We all have a creative style hiding in our closets, different dreams and imaginations and different perspectives on life considering we all have different yet similar pasts.

From now on, be the best you can be, don’t try to imitate people around you, just be you. Living in the shadow of someone else will not allow you to reach your full potential or continue to grow, you are different for a reason, let your true self shine through.

Living Through Love

Every thought that goes through your head starts with one of the following: fear or love. Fear is the inner voice that says you can’t do something, and then you allow that fear to tell others that they can’t do something either and causes you to question your purpose or existence. Love though, is endless. Love motivates people, encourages people to go after their dreams and aspirations. Love heals and provides.

From now on, be the best person to show love to everyone. Being able to live a life of love will be hard, most times a struggle, but when you love instead of fear truly great things will start to happen in your life.

Learning From Your Mistakes

Most people see mistakes as roadblocks, something set before them to discourage them or slow them down. Mistakes can be taken two ways; they can either bring you down or build you up. The way you react to a mistake is all about your current perception on life; the mistake will either break you down or build you up. When Thomas Edison was asked why he failed some many times while making the light bulb, he simply replied, “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found out 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb.”

From now on, be the best person at learning from your mistakes and not repeating the same things over and over. Insanity is by definition doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. One day you need to master the idea of learning from your mistakes and not letting them bring you down in life but challenge you to grow and learn a new way of doing things in your life.

Letting Go Of Your Past

Letting go of your past is probably the second most important thing to master in your life. Letting go of your past doesn’t mean forgetting or pretending that your past didn’t happen but not allowing your past to haunt you and allowing the pain to bring down your current success. When you truly can forgive yourself from your past, truly amazing things can happen in your present life that will inevitably make your future more hopeful!

From now on, be the best person of not living in the past but the present. Realize and forgive yourself of your past, knowing that you can’t change any of it but learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Creating Your Own Happiness

You are in control of your life and you know better than anyone in the world what motivates you, what makes you feel successful, what makes you come alive and brings you hope. It is you not the world that will truly make you happy. You can’t rely on the people you interact with or the things you buy control your happiness. Creating your own happiness starts within you, it’s idea that you tell yourself. It’s a feeling that only you know and probably can’t explain to someone else. When you truly find what makes you happy, the world and the people in don’t matter because you are finally free.

From now on, be the person you want to be that will make you happy. I know this sounds selfish, but when you truly find what makes you happy and you do it, the people that you surround yourself will be uplifted as well.

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Josh Hines shared:
My happiness comes from lifting up people and helping them. Every time I start to get in a bad mood or am having a bad day, I make a point to reach out to someone close to me and encourage him or her that they are the best person in the world. I have a simple yet thoughtful conversation with them, and while I am uplifting their spirits, at the same time I am lifting up my own. Afterwards, I put a smile on my face and get back to enjoying my day!
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