Passion & Purpose

At Innovating Creations, we believe that everyone has at least one passion that they are supposed to pursue during their lifetime. In The United States alone people search the phrase, "what is my purpose" 3,350,000 times a month. That is a considerable amount of people that have no idea what they should be doing with their lives. Although some people might not believe this, but when God made every one of us, He created each of us with an unique genius and passions that we should use to worship Him. Some of us were created to be singers, actors, ministers, and teachers amongst other professions and some of us were even created to be the leaders and owners of businesses.

Purpose = Passion + Genius + Reason

When trying to find out what your God given genius is and/or what you are passionate about, most people already knows what excites them or gives them that extra drive to succeed mentality. In a recent study, most people when asked to fill in the blanks of the following statement, "I am a ___________ but I would rather be doing _____________" can almost immediately respond. Most people will not answer with, "I am doing this right now but really I have no idea what I want to do." The general population has a least a vague idea of what they are passionate about and driven to do.

Sometimes though it's hard to differentiate our true purpose considering we are sometimes confronted by many passions, talents and/or ideas of what we should be doing with our lives. When this situation comes around and it will, look at your past experience and look for patterns in your life. What have you enjoyed over time and for some reason always returned to. Most likely the things you always seem to return to are most likely the things and ideas you are most passionate about.

If when you sit down and you really can't think of a way to fill in the second blank, another thing to try is ask the people that you surround yourself. Ask your parents, grandparents, siblings (if you have them) and/or pastors and friends; most of these people have a pretty good understand of what makes you tick and might see something in you that you don't see yourself.

When it all comes down to it, no matter how unsure we might be about what drives us, there is always a reason and a purpose that we were created by God, it might not seem very prominent or detailed right now but I promise you that there is a reason. You are not useless or pointless so never let someone tell you that there is no reason for your existence and that you will never amount to anything, for it simply isn't true!

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