Startup Accelerator Process

Startup Accelerator Process

We have created a process that engages our startup bushiness owners and educates them into being the dedicated leaders they need to be in order to lead a team. Our program teaches people the effective ways of managing their staff, their business and effectively positioning their product or service in the market and reaching a captive audience.

The startup businesses that go through our program get the benefit of getting Class A marketing and advertising services, throughout our process we design all the promotional materials a business needs to reach potential customers. Our broad knowledge base allows us to take a multi-channel marketing approach. We generate product and service demand and access customer segments through on and offline marketing channels including PPC, SEO, social media, email marketing, direct mail and strategic affiliated partnerships.

Startup Launch

Once all the market research has been completed and marketing & sales collateral has been made, we help our startup businesses obtain funding, if needed, from local banks and venture capitalists. Post funding, we have an official launch party for all our startups to not only promote them in the local market but also a congratulatory for making it through the program and bringing their dream and passions to reality.

Post startup, every semester we have a banquet, that we invite all our graduate business owners to attend, to announce our new startups and graduating class so that everyone can learn about the new people that have joined the Innovating Creations family.

Innovating Creations Startup Accelerator Program

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Startup Testimonial
Ugonna C. Ukwu

Josh Hines is an infectiously ambitious and focused professional. He knows how to ask the right questions to target your niche-market appeal and to challenge you to have greater vision for your business. I have complete confidence that his aggressive marketing strategies and commitment to my success will push my business to the next level and beyond!

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